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Best Vocational Tours And Travel In Bali


One of the best places to visit is Bali or as many call it, Paradise Island among other many referrals. Whether family tours, friends, work mates or just solo travels, Bali holds one of the medals on popular memorable tourist destinations. From arts to music, festivals, both traditional and modern activities, physical features like mountains, buildings like temples, beautiful marine species and the beach area, little island, Bali, has it all.

Locations and History

Bali is located in Indonesia. It’s an island and a province and has Denpasar as its capital, located in the south. It has tropical climate with temperatures 23-30C with dry and wet seasons. Around 80% of its population is the Balinese Hindus and the rest, bits of Islam and Christians.

Austronesians first inhabited Bali, from Oceania and Southeast Asia. The culture of the Bali residents, that is mainly Hindu, was influenced a lot by the Chinese and Indians, from the 1st century.

Best tours in Bali

Some of Bali’s best known tours include;

Klungkung tour that takes you to Bali’s largest temple, the Besakih Temple, 18th century royal court and an 11th century temple with stone shrines.

Tabanan tour that features Tanah Lot temple built on a huge rock, Alas Kedaton forest full of monkeys and nutmeg trees that are beautifully tall and 17th century’s Pura Taman Ayun.

Mount Batur tour that takes you to view the active volcanic mountain.

Benoa Harbour that takes around 3 hours touring on the Dinner Cruise during sunset, with present live entertainment.

Tour packages

Regular tours

Regular tours aimed at capturing Bali’s essence from East to West and North to Southern parts of the island. The tours include a visit to the Tanah Lot, Volcanic Mountain, Uluwatu whereby you get to see the Kuta Beach, water sport activities, among other places, The Mother Temple and other several tours. Time taken ranges from 3-9hrs a tour with rates of about 60 dollars a tour for two participants.

Combination tours (half day)

For combined half-day tours, one chooses among the offered tours that should take very little time since the tour can only take half a day. This means whatever a tourist chooses has to be close to each other, to save on time.

Some of the tours may include;

Beach dinner and horse riding that includes a driver and AC transportation among other package offers. This can cost around 80 dollars per person.

Crafts and shopping. If you are a fun of handmade jewelry, sculptures and other carvings, this tour will give you just that. An opportunity to shop and buy things that you normally don’t come across in your daily life is also worth the time and money. It makes the tour memorable. Amounts range from around 20 dollars per person.

Unique tours

This tours are all about the Balinese. Learning their culture is adventurous and fun. You get to know more about their history, food, dances and music, activities and vegetation. Most of these tours begin with a class teaching tourists theoretically about the Balinese then later touring to have them feel and see it all.

Those are the three main tours, however, there can be many more depending on how and with whom you decide to tour.

Source by Wayan John Jimbaran

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