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Candida Symptom Brain Fog – Primal Defense Helped My Iron Level Go Up


How is your experience with brain fog in candida symptoms? My friend said to me that he is really sick of having brain fog. He is interested in having anyone with this problem help generate ideas on how to stop this. He asked what we can do to alleviate the condition if the fog is caused by toxins and blocked receptors. I will try to help rid ourselves of this problem and generate the best remedy in my opinion.

I had brain fog for so long, and I often wondered how I was managing to cope at work. What worked for me was Primal Defense. It took a while, I think bottle 5 before it really took, but it worked. Now if I get this symptom, it is usually because of something I ate. Wheat is particularly bad, so that means no pasta, breads, and cereals. The more refined the flour, the worse the reaction.

I am on bottle 8 and the changes are subtle but definitely there. The fog lifting didn’t really happen until bottle 5 or so. But, I suppose it all depends on just what your problem really is. I hurt like hell when I started Primal Defense. Some days I could hardly move, but I still got out to work and hung in there, knowing, hoping, that it would get better and it did. I am a convert. It also helped my iron level go up, something that I had not been able to do for 10 years.

Source by Angie Lindsey

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