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Communication Emoticons – Are They Useless?


What do you think when you hear (or read) communication emoticons? Do you imagine icons showing phones? Rest assured that they are not only that.

The communication logos are meant to assist with the way you communicate. They offer you shortcuts and better ways to inform your chat buddy what you are speaking of in icons that communicate much better than written words.


There is a file of good morning and good night, in both English and German. You can leave the emoticons late at night for them to greet your friend when she or he switches on the laptop or phone in the morning. Or similarly, you are able to send an instant good night using the same emoticon through text message. Communication emoticons? An easy way to communicate certainly.


Plenty of online communication runs along the line of, “Did you receive my email?” or “Have you read my message?” and “Yes, I got your message,” or even, “I have responded!” The communication logos designed for this occasion include ones that show the yellow smiley taking a mail out of the box and another icon displaying a smiley sending a mail.

Bidding Goodbye

Sometimes you need to sign out fast or you find yourself with no time to type “Talk to you later!” The simplest way to cut things short is by clicking on a communication emoticons displaying the word “Bye!” or an icon that displays the universal kiss goodbye, “xoxo.”


Sometimes we want to show our approval on a particularly good post in a forum but sadly, we have nothing to add. When this happens, communication emoticons are extremely suited for your purpose. Put on a thumb up icon to inform someone you like what he or she said. You can use also a handshake logo to say the same idea.

Source by Lee Ann Wang

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