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Curing H-Pylori With Candida Cleanse


My friend has been ill for 10 days with horrible diarrhea, and her doctor found yeast in a stool culture. She came upon a woman who had her symptoms for three weeks before she learned she had yeast in her stomach. It is called H. Pylori. She is waiting for her doctors to determine if this is her problem. She wants to know if she can cure this herself with a candida cleanse, as she would prefer to heal herself with an elimination diet and probiotics, rather than Rx drugs.

H. Pylori are bacteria, not fungus. In fact, IIRC, it is the bacteria implicated in ulcers. It can give you diarrhea when you get it. It is different way in every person, and you will probably need antibiotics to get rid of it. Take plenty of probiotics while on the antibiotics. Garlic will combat both bacteria and viruses. Fresh is better, but if you don’t feel much like eating right now, pills will do!

Well, I had H-Pylori a while back and didn’t use antibiotics. My doctor for the yeast uses alternative and he assured me that the medications I was taking at the time would take care of the “black bugs” (and it did). I get most of my herbs from him, so maybe you won’t understand when I tell them to you. Here they are:

– D.C.3

– A.G. Cidal

– Super Oxy

– Herbal clear

When they were scheduling me for the test, they gave me a liquid to drink the night before. I didn’t drink because of the sugar and alcohol content in it, so they let me drink castor oil instead. It absolutely did the job. You might try a good health store and see if they have a tincture made up for this.

Also, I don’t know if this cures your H. Pylori, but for me, drinking lots of apple tea is worked. You have to buy the green apple, cut de inside part, and add water. Do this everyday and drink it. Another thing you can try is Espinheira Santa tea. I don’t know how you call this in your country, but it really helps. You can also follow the candida diet, without eat or drink acid things and don’t overeat. Try to eat every 3-4 hours.

Source by Angie Lindsey

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