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Dream World Theme Park – Gold Coast Australia


The Gold Coast theme park Dreamworld is located in Coomera on the Pacific Highway and is with easy reach of Brisbane and all Gold Coast accommodation. Located on approximately 210 acres Dreamworld on the Gold Coast is open year round and attracts singles, couple and families from across Australian and throughout the world. Dreamworld is ideal for families and offers a complete experience with all the popular rides, shopping opportunities and onsite cafes and restaurants.

Upon purchases their Dreamworld passes and entering the vast complex visitors will enter the area known as ‘Main Street’ which has a several shops and attractions including the Remota Boast, IMAX theatre, Dreamworld Railway and Croc Pond. Ocean Parade is themed around the Australian beach culture and many of the rides carry through with the theme. Dreamworld rides along Ocean Parade include: The Claw, Cyclone, FlowRider, Game Site, Reef Diver, Rock Climbing Wall, Stingray, Wipeout and the V8 Supercars Red Line.

An area designed for younger member of the family is Nickelodeon Central with attractions and rides based on characters and programmes from the Nickelodeon TV network. Popular attractions include: Dora the Explorer Sea Planes, Nick-o-Round, Slime Bowl, Swinger Zinger and SpongeBob FlyPants. From Nickelodeon Central you can hop onto the Dreamworld Train and get off at the Australian Wildlife Experience. The Australian Wildlife Experience at Dreamworld is home to approximately 800 native Australian animals including koala’s kangaroo’s, crocodiles, bilbies and Australian farm animals. The AVIS Vintage Cars ride is also located near the Dreamworld Australian Wildlife Experience.

Wiggles World is based on the Australian children’s entertainers ‘The Wiggles’ and is ideal for toddlers and younger children with rides and attractions including: Captain Feathersword’s Ship, Big Red Car Ride and Wiggles Farmyard Friends. It is worth noting that the Wiggles only perform at Dreamworld on rare and special occasions. Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog and Captain Feathersword are all regulars.

Tiger Island at Dreamworld has live daily tiger shows that include Sumatran and Bengal tigers set amidst an Indonesian jungle and plantation theme. Close to Tiger Island is Dreamworld’s Rivertown which provides the entrance to Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster and the Tower of Terror. Dreamworld’s Gold Rush Country adopts a western theme and is home to two water rides including the Rocky Hollow Log Ride and the Thunder River Rapids. Other rides in this section of Dreamworld include the Giant Drop and access to Helicopter Joy Flights.

Make sure that you and your kids have wide brimmed hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, a large carry bag, camera and a bottle of water. The ‘Yummy Yummy’ shop located in Wiggles World is a great place to enjoy lunch, ice-cream and drinks. There are very long queues around lunch so plan an early lunch. Dreamworld Gold Coast, Queensland is a wonderful place to take your family and is sure to be full of great memories and experiences.

Source by Bailey Jamieson

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