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Enjoy the Beach of Phuket


Phuket Island is a little paradise in South Thailand which is hailed for its fine looking beaches and landscapes. Kingdom of Thailand is an exotic country with the ideal combination of living culture, warm tropical weather, and a lavish gorgeous natural environment. Phuket Island is not only found on tourism brochures, this graceful island is also frequently found in movie screens. Phuket presents so many beautiful beaches that certainly would attract a lot of holidaymakers. With its fantastic natural beauty, no question Phuket gets the choice for film scenes production.

You will be able to find numerous Hollywood films filmed in Phuket Island. It ranges from James Bond movies to Bridget Jones, and off course the box office The Beach starred by Leonardo DiCaprio. You are able also feel the same ambience the Hollywood stars feel while you are visiting Phuket. This island and surrounded little islands have extraordinary luxury Phuket villas that become the choice of world famed celebrities to stay. If you want first class accommodation and the top grade views, you can rent one of Phuket villas. You can easily find luxury villas near all Phuket beach. Since most villas are beachfront, it gives you easy access to private beach and off course five stars rated facilities.

Do you want something more private and luxurious? Well you are able to select several of the top rated private Phuket villas. You can find them in many little islands surrounding Phuket, including the famous Phi Phi Island. Yes, this is the very same island as appeared in The Beach. This is a great choice to sense the same romance in good looking beach as featured in The Beach movie. Really got hit on movie buffs? Don’t forget that Phuket also has Phuket International Film Festival this year. So, call your travel agent and book one of the best Phuket villas for your best Phuket experience.

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