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Foods to Eat When in Holland


Big in size, crisp from the outside, soft and fluffy inside with a dressing of mayonnaise on top! You definitely cannot miss the absolutely mouth watering patat fries found everywhere in Holland.

Tulips, windmills, Van Gogh are definitely the face of Holland. But besides this beautiful face, Holland has something more fabulous to offer. And that is the totally tempting food.

If you are a person who just wants to visit Holland for its wonderful sights and cities and do not have anything else in your mind besides Amsterdam, beaches, Rijksmuseum, or the International court of Justice. Think again! Because now is the time you can make your trip fun and delicious.

Yes Holland is paradise for food lovers!

Holland is known for its cheese. A famous variety of cheese is the Gouda cheese. Gouda cheese tends to be hard, and has a mild fruity, nutty flavor. With aging the taste intensifies. Smoked Gouda gives a barbecue flavor and is excellent when eaten along with olives.

Goat cheese has a slightly sour taste and is absolutely appetizing when eaten in a sandwich.

Holland is also famous for its beaches. Scheveningen beach is a long sandy beach, lined with fantastic bars and restaurants along the coast and there is also a very cool pier. People usually prefer fast food on the beach as it’s easy to get and less messy when strolling along the sea side or just sitting in the sun.

Nothing could be more fun when sitting on the sand, looking at the sea and enjoying a scrumptious Lekerbeke which is a cod fish deep fried with a flour coating and served with mayonnaise and patat fries. This food tastes very delicious when served hot as the outer coating tends to be crisp and salty and the fish tastes sweet, and the dressing of mayonnaise is the perfect combination.

Another popular fast food is the Raw Herring which is served with pickled onions. It is usually eaten by lifting the herring high in the air by its tail and eating it upwards. The herring taste slightly sour and the fish meat is very soft as it gets ripened by the marination process.

Indonesian and Suriname food is as famous as the Dutch cuisine itself. Indonesia and Suriname were Dutch colonies once. Bamihap and nasihap are the Dutch version of Indonesian dishes mei goring (fried noodles) and nasi goring (fried rice) and taste very delicious because it is fried coated with breadcrumbs.

A large population of Turkish and Moroccon people exists in Holland. And they have lined the streets of Holland with their totally delectable fast food: Doner kebab. Also known as Shawarma. Doner kebab is heaven for all the non veg people. Marinated lamb meat is roasted in a vertical skewer and then served in a bun or pita bread, with mayonnaise, chili sauce and pickled cucumber and carrots. Doner kebab is also accompanied with patat fries. Although this dish is not native to Holland but it definitely has an important position in the food of Holland.

Going to Holland and not visiting Amsterdam is like going to a French restaurant and not ordering French wine. Amsterdam is the metropolitan city of Holland and walking along the main city center you will see a number of Argentinean cafes and bars.

And what are they famous for? Argentinian steak. Your taste buds will start drooling once you set your eyes on the steak. And the moment you take a bite of it your mind, body and soul will crave for it. The thing about this steak is that it is made from the meat of native Argentinean cows. As they say it’s all about the meat in the steak. One can taste the actual flavor of the meat in it. Originally the steak is served with baked potato and butter, but you can also have patat fries and mayonnaises dip with it.

So pack your bags, empty your stomach and off you go to Holland. Enjoy!

Source by Kiran Kanwal

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