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Is SF722 a Really Good Yeast Killing Program? Alternatives and the Diet


This article will display and show opinion about SF722 which is a really good yeast killing program. She spoke with a very well-informed health-counselor guy at Needs a couple days ago, to ask about their SF722 that is touted on the Karen Tripp web page. It is supposed to be a really good yeast killing program. The SF722 is $15.25 per month’s supply, and he says 1-2 months is usually adequate.

He says if you still are not “cured” by then, that he recommends olive leaf extract, which is an even more potent yeast-killer. (it’s expensive though, you take 6 per day, and a bottle of 60 costs $17.50). He does not recommend that right off the bat, because it is so strong that most people complain of too much die-off.

They also have probiotics called Flora-Biotic 14, $19.99 for 2 months worth (you only take one per day). However, he did caution her about the diet. He says that it is necessary to eat no carbs (carbohydrates), not even complex carbs. He states that yeast can extract enough sugar from only 20 Grams of carbs per day, and they can mutate to require even less. So the diets we are doing won’t “get it”.

He recommended the “Sugarbusters” diet for 2 months or so, and then we can begin adding back in some other foods. She ordered a catalog by calling them by phone. She is going to take the stuff she has for now, and then, when that is done, she might give SF722 a try. She has heard from so many people that we have to rotate our yeast-killers to avoid their becoming resistant, so this might be her next plan.

Source by Angie Lindsey

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