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Partial Seizures in Epilepsy


Many individuals that suffer from epilepsy suffer from partial seizures. Unlike primary generalized seizures, when an individual suffers from this type of seizure, it is only affecting one portion of the brain and not the entire brain. There is not just one specific area of the brain that these types of seizures occur.

As a matter of fact, the area of the brain that may be affected typically differs from one individual to another. The entire experience as far as a seizure is concerned will be based on the unique portion of the brain that the seizure originates on. When an individual experiences a partial seizure, they do not lose consciousness. As a matter of fact, in most instances, the individual remains alert through the seizure.

Common Types of Partial Seizures in Epilepsy

There are two general types of seizures. One is called the primary generalized seizure and the other is called the partial seizure. When individuals suffer from partial seizures, they should know and understand that there are further classifications of these seizures. The classifications are dependent upon the unique symptoms that a person experiences. Below, you will be introduced to the common types of partial seizures in epilepsy:

1. Motor – When an individual experiences a seizure where there is any type of change that involves the muscle activity, they are said to be suffering from a motor seizure. The muscles may become stiff, they may start to jerk erratically, or abnormal sensations. This may be experienced on just one side of the body, or it could be experienced on both sides of the body. Many may suffer from weakness or even complications such as impaired coordination and issues in talking.

2. Psychic – If an individual experiences a seizure where their general perception is altered, they are said to suffer from a psychic seizure. An individual’s way of thinking, the manner in which they feel, and the general way that they experience things are typically altered to one degree or another when they experience this type of seizure. It is common for individuals to feel as if they are disconnected from themselves or to experience emotions for which there is no definite cause.

3. Sensory – Those that experience seizures that affect at least one of the five senses are said to suffer from sensory seizures. Individuals may feel sensations that resemble that of pins going into their skin, and others may have a strange taste in their mouth. Many may smell things that others may not and there are some that may experience visual disturbances, including hallucinations.

4. Autonomic – If an individual has a seizure that affects the control that is involved when it comes to bodily functions, they are said to suffer from autonomic seizures. Individuals may experience changes associated with their heart rate, and even unique sensations in the stomach.

If you, or someone that you know, suffers from seizures, it is important to enlist the assistance of a medical professional. There are treatment strategies available that will help in reducing the seizures.

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