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Reasons to Have a Honeymoon at a Bali Private Villa


All the newly wedding couples may be aware that a honeymoon needs meticulous preparation. A honeymoon plan should include everything to make your honeymoon escapade the most memorable one. The destination must be determined first, you can choose the beautiful place in the world such as Bali, Cape Town, or Maldives. Then you need to reserve the flight tickets, it is better if you can book the cheap or promo flight tickets so that you can save your budget. Accommodation is another essential part of your romantic journey. Whether you choose a private luxury villa or a hotel, you should find the right place that puts privacy as the main concern.

Speaking of honeymoon destination, Bali has been frequently chosen as a perfect honeymoon spot. Why? It is because Bali has many romantic places where the couples can celebrate love and togetherness. The most talked about place is Bali private villa. As all may realize, villas in Bali is adored due to its intimacy and privacy that it has to offer. A private villa gives all the complete facilities only for the couples, no need to share anything with other guests. During the stay, the couples may enjoy private swimming pool, Jacuzzi, kitchen, living and dining area, garden, and all the villa facilities without any chance to be disturbed by others.

Bali has too many places to explore. Thus for those coming to Bali will not miss to visit interesting place from north to south, from west to east. However when enjoying a honeymoon at a private luxury villa in Bali, some would prefer to just stay at the villa to enjoy every romantic moment. But no worries, there are lots of in-villa activities which are so worth trying. You can enjoy private in-villa massages given by seasoned therapist taking place by the pool or in your villa. Other activities include cultural classes such as cooking class, dancing class, Balinese offering class, painting class, or gamelan class, just to name a few.

A private villa in Bali is worth a choice since it would be so happy to give the honeymooners romantic extras they come to expect. A romantic flower arrangement in your bedroom looks so pretty, you also can enjoy romantic flower bath upon your arrival to relieve your jet lag. Then enjoy honeymoon cake to really feel the delight and sweetness of your honeymoon. A romantic candle light dinner will be so memorable, set up by the pool under the clear sky with candles and flowers everywhere. Not forgetting the chilled champagne to be part of your romantic love celebration. Also other extras are given as complimentary you will be happy to hear.

A romantic escapade at a luxury villa in Bali will be more flawless with the in-charge full staffs serving you during your stay. Everything has been prepared for you and also you don’t need to think about anything else. From breakfast, villa cleaning, pool and garden maintenance, as well as grocery shopping, all are done by the attentive villa staffs. Even in some villas, they provide private car and driver as well so that it is easy for you to roam the island to make your honeymoon a romantic adventure. Private Butler will be also helpful to serve you anything during your stay at a private villa.

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