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Rohingya’s Quagmire



It has been a Gordian’s knot between the Muslim minority group, Rohingya, and Government of Myanmar since its very inception. This minority group resides in the state of Rakhine, formerly known as Arkan in Myanmar. However, the people of this smoldering state, Rakhine, have always been a discriminated group in their homeland. In the same fashion, people of this state have faced several horrific and horrendous incidents, but neither international nor any regional organization has played its prominent role in this unending plight. Therefore, a mass exodus has fled to the neighboring countries.

Historical background of Rohingya’s and their status in the country

The Rohingya are an ethnic Muslim minority belonged to Sunni Islam. Approximately, one million Rohingya Muslims live in this state. However they have very different ethnicity, religion, and language than that of Buddhist group in Myanmar. The people of Rohingya’s community claims that they have their roots on this land since fifteenth century when people migrated to this Arkan kindom, whereas the government of Myanmar denied to their claim and didn’t accept the recognition of country’s as 135th ethnic group. Similarly, they have been considered as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. However, in 1990s they were given a white card for the recognition of temporary stay for Rohingya’s in Myanmar with limited rights, but later on these white cards as well right to vote were snatched by President Thein Sein in 2015 constitutional referendum.

Reason beyond the mass exodus of Rohingya’s

The minority group was discriminated through the restriction on various things like marriage, employment, education, religious choice and freedom of movement. More importantly, couple was not allowed more than two children and during the time of marriage they were required to fulfill the condition i.e. to give bribe and show picture of bride and groom. In addition to this, if Muslims needed to move new place then they required government approval. Apart from this, Rakhine states is one of the least developed states of Myanmar which has 78% poverty rate. However the tension has erupted due to opportunities was restricted for Muslims and furthermore this situation ameliorated difference between religious groups. Therefore, they were compelled to leave the country and flee to the neighboring countries.

The ground instruments of recent mass influx

Recently, the quagmire blazed due to the attack of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) and claimed the responsibility of the attack on police and army posts. Therefore, government named this ARSA as a terrorist organization and commanded to army a campaign that destroyed hundreds of villages and compelled more than five hundred thousand Rohingya to leave the country. Similarly, Mayanmer’s security forces allegedly opened fire and killed more than five hundred people lost their life. However, they flee towards Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. It has been recorded that hundreds of thousand rohingya are unregistered and are living in the Bangladesh. Similarly, Malaysia, as of august report, has declared that more than 88% registered refugees were from Maynmer i.e. sixty one thousand from Rohingya’s group.

Role of region and conundrum of Rohingya

Countries in the region started protest against the Government of Myanmar such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Bangladesh’s foreign minister condemn the killing and persecution of Rohingya’s. The neighboring raised the voice against the genocide in Myanmar and demanded Myanmar government to curb this violence. However, the government of Myanmar took its first time democratic power, but unfortunately it remained reluctant rather than taking positive role in the situation. However, Aung Saang Suki has denied the criticism of international world about her handling of this issue resented relation between both countries. In September 2017, she said that she has assisted the people for the normal life in the best possible pay.

Response of international and regional organizations

United Nations has taken positive role just immediate to this carnage and has urged to Myanmar’s authorities to end this military operations which has ameliorated violation to the human rights. Similarly, The UN Secretary General, António Guterres said the broader crisis “has generated multiple implications for neighboring states and the larger region, including the risk of inter-communal strife”. In addition to this, “It is imperative that UN agencies and our non-governmental partners be granted immediate and safe access to all affected communities,” he said. Therefore, United Nation has shown its positive role along with neighboring countries to make a liable course for the resettlement of Rohingya’s to their homeland.


In the nut shell, the crisis of Rohingya’s minority in Myanmar can easily be curtailed if UN plays its pivotal role to direct the Government of Myanmar’s immediate response with practical results. Therefore, it is the only liable course in which the Government of Myanmar will make impartial policies for all its citizens and will allow Rohingya’s minority as an independent community which will have all rights like to vote, to move easily across the country, to marry without conditions of Buddhists and to empower people of this community in the government jobs.

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