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Smoking Effects on a Candida Sufferer


This article will discuss about smoking effects that happen in a candida sufferer. This is based on a question from someone. Over the last couple of weeks, most of her symptoms have receded with the exception of mucousy eyes and dark circles. She is wondering whether it is because she hasn’t quit smoking and she wants to know the direct effects smoking has on her treatment and chances of recovery. She’s trying to quit but with eating such a strict diet, she finds it difficult.

Here are some facts for you if you happen to be experiencing the same problem as my friend. Nicotine feeds candida. Smoking also sucks the nutrients out of your body that can build your immune system and in other ways better help you fight the candida.

When you first realize that you have candida, quitting smoking should be the first thing you do, because actually, quitting smoking will make you feel much better than when you’ve been on the diet.

It is hard to do, but it is definitely well worth it to quit. The first 2 weeks when you start to quit smoking will be very difficult. Eat a lot of lollipops to compensate with it.

Furthermore, reading some information in a few books suggested that while your body is ridding toxins, you will notice dark circles under your eyes. So mucousy eyes could be die-off as well or it could be a sign of sinus allergy. To solve your smoking problems, try using nicotine patches because they really help a lot.

Source by Angie Lindsey

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