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Spacey Feeling As Candida Symptoms – Does it Go Away Eventually?


My friend is suffering candidiasis with this awful horrible, spaced-out, not-quite real feeling she has had for as long as she can remember. So she asks me does it go away eventually or not. That is the purpose of this article.

Several people have reported that this is/was one of their primary symptoms, too. They call it feeling spacey, like you are living in a dream. Like nothing is real. I noticed that it did clear pretty quickly when one of my friend started the yeast regime, and also started colonics at the same time. She has slacked-off on the herbs, etc, and also the colonics, and notice that she has been going downhill for the last week or so.

The spacey feeling is one of the worst symptoms. It means that the yeast is in your blood system and brain. That’s the bad news. The good news is that colonics, herbs, and the other standard remedies help.

Other friend of mine has a Nizoral prescription, but she can’t always do this because it can play heck with the liver (a good liver support like milk thistle helps some). When she has the spacey feelings and/or die off (die off also causes spaciness) problems, she takes Quercitin, Emergenc-C, and/or staggered doses of 500 MG or more Vitamin C until she feels better. It helps some. The best thing for it, though, is to get the yeast out any way possible. This includes sweating and colonics.

What she does as far as sweating goes is either go to the Y and go to their sauna or put powdered ginger in her bath. It makes for a gritty bath experience, so if you decide to go for it, rinse off with a shower. You’ll need it. But, it is the best thing for sweating. You can get liquid ginger, too, which is better, but more expensive.

What she also does is to find every candida product out there with a good rep, and then she staggers the doses. Maybe she’ll take one product for two days, then stop for a day, maybe change over to another. Candida is tricky and can soon grow used to the herbs, etc., and these can lose their effectiveness if you don’t outsmart it.

Candida is something that can plague its worst victims for years and years. It can be controlled to the extent that you can live a life, though. It might take six months to really feel that way and you’ll have to stick with it as long as it takes, but you will feel better. Totally well, there’s no guarantee, but much, much better is obtainable. Not easy, but obtainable.

Source by Angie Lindsey

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