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Unusual Treatments For People Having Ringworm


Skin disease like ringworm affects many people worldwide so a drug is invented to cure this type of disorder since it is contagious and spreads fast to both people and animals. It also has complications that adds burden to the individual already suffering form the disease. There are also medicinal plants that were discovered in treating skin infections that were proven effective by many but to other countries, there are weird practices but is beneficial in the treatment of various skin diseases which you will find below:

Fish Treatment in India

A controversial hospital in Tamil Nadu in India which was owned by the government at Palani is well known for their weird treatment using fish to cure skin disease like ringworm in people. The area of the skin that is infected are coated by a fruit jam which is then soaked to the water with the presence of lyirai (loach) and Kendai (silverfish). The excited fishes will then hurriedly go to eat the fruit jam together with the bacteria on the infected skin. It is like the bacteria are being fed on the fish to get rid of the skin disease using the fruit jam in attracting the fishes.

The individual who is experiencing the “attack of fishes” those are like biting on their skin cannot feel any pain. The small bites are like a massage on their skin and they feel lighter after having the session. The affected part is immersed on water for almost 10 minutes and is done only twice a week. This type of treatment is known to cure psoriasis, sores, cellulites boils and any type of skin infections such as ringworm in people. Almost 30 to 40 people are coming every week to experience this unusual kind of treatment.

Doctor Fish in China

Spas in China have been using Doctor Fish to cure psoriasis and eczema. These Doctor fish are Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus. They are called as such because they are beneficial in the healing of various skin problems. Skin diseases have the same signs and symptoms and are almost alike in the way they are treated. These fishes are being placed in hot spring water and individuals who have psoriasis or eczema soaked their infected feet or body in it. These fishes will then surround those persons and eat the dead skin on the affected part. This could also be applied in the treatment of ringworm in people.

Countries like India and China have discovered a new way of innovation in the medical field. From the beginning, many will not believe on what a fish can do in curing skin diseases that affects humans. Many perceived fish only as a pet but others who have an intellectual mind have thought of something for the benefit of many.

Chitin and Chitosan in Indonesia

Chitin is the exoskeleton that you could see in crabs that they usually shed after they molt. It is the main protection that covers their bodies from wounds or attacks. This protective shell produce Chitosan, an ingredient that is combined in some cosmetics, shampoos or ointments that are used to treat skin infections like ringworm in people. It has antibacterial properties that are beneficial in the healing of wound or skin enhancement.

Source by Preston Blackmore

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