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What is a Bladder Papilloma?


Bladder papilloma is the identification of a tumor located in the bladder of the body. The tumor that is found in this organ in the urinary system is benign – meaning that it is not at all cancerous. There are many different types of papilloma that may infect an individual. Many may develop benign tumors on the skin, genital warts are considered to be a type of papilloma, and there may also be benign tumors located on the larynx.

Those that suffer from bladder papilloma may find that they have a sense of urgency more frequently than they did prior to the development of the abnormal growth. While the bladder is a storage system that expands as it fills with fluid, a papilloma may put pressure on the nerve receptors located in the walls of the organ and make the sufferer feel as if they need to relieve themselves more frequently.

Symptoms of Bladder Papilloma

If an individual experiences bladder papilloma, they may not experience any symptoms for quite some time. In many instances, no symptoms will be experienced at all. The symptoms are heavily dependent upon the size of the growth as a whole. Small tumors may not result in any symptoms whatsoever.

Medium sized tumors and larger tumors may actually cause a couple of symptoms. The first symptom that may be experienced by an individual that has this medical condition is the visible presence of blood that is bright red in color in the urine. Medical professionals refer to this condition as “Hematuria”.

While bladder papilloma is typically not considered a serious medical condition, any time that blood is present in the urine, it is important to seek immediate medical attention as it could indicate potentially serious complications.

Many individuals that suffer from bladder papilloma will suffer from the symptom of urine retention. This occurs when an excess level of urine accumulates within the body. It is important to understand that there are many different reasons why this urological based problem may occur. Medical professionals often refer to this medical condition as “Ischuria”.

Many that experience this symptom may discover that the flow of the urine from the body is a weak stream that only has a flow that is considered to be intermittent. Many find that they may have to strain or that once urination is over, they do not feel as if they have completely emptied their bladder. Complications associated with urinary retention include pain, stiffness, incontinence, and a back flow of urine into the kidneys.


If you suffer from the symptoms associated with bladder papilloma, it is important to seek medical attention. The reason it is important to see a doctor for evaluation is because of the fact that these symptoms could indicate other more serious problems of the urinary system. If you fail to seek immediate medical care, you could face serious health consequences.

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