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Whooping Cough Symptoms and Prevention


If we talk related to cough, sometimes there are people who have experienced it for a long time. Its usually known as whooping cough and in medical language is called the pertussis desease. The disease is caused by the caused by bacteria named Bordetella pertussis, this bacteria can be transmitted from an infected person to person through the air or released by the patient’s sputum.

Bordetella Pertussis can exist in the environment around us and people who have low body resistance is very susceptible to infection with these bacteria. About 60 percent of the disease suffered by children under the age of 10 years.

What are the whooping cough’s symptoms?

Common symptoms of this disease usually appear 5-20 days after people are infected and they’re characterized by flu, coughs, colds, sore throats and usually accompanied by fever. This disease could occur in infants, children or adults. “Cough in pertussis disease is very typical of a dry cough accompanied by shortness of breath and sometimes patients do not have time to draw breath because of persistent cough,” said Dr. Michael again.

How is the examination?

Usually the doctor will evaluate the lung if someone already has a cough more than 2 weeks. To diagnose this disease, usually a patients must do a throat examination and the doctor will taking bribes throat sputum bacteria to see this or not.

Symptoms in infants

This disease is very dangerous if it occurs in infants, because there is research in the UK that showed 1 of the 500 infants died from pertussis disease

In infants, this disease detection should be done as early as possible to prevent complications. Some complications that arise in infants:

* Infection of the lungs (pneumonia) if the bacteria enter the lungs * Shortness of breath * Bleeding in the eyes of the tension which occurs when persistent cough * Seizures due to oxygen in the brain decreases * The most severe, the infants end in death because of this disease

But the symptoms had also experienced adults when experiencing complications.

How to Prevent whooping cough:

* Avoid people who are infected * Immediate early detection if you have a cough that is accompanied by shortness of breath * Conduct vaccination DPT (Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus)

The vaccine is significant enough to prevent pertussis, according to a study in the UK, before this vaccine still in development,there was 200.000 cases in a years, but after a vaccine was fully finished in development, its so effective to suppress the cases until 2,000 cases / year

So the conclusion is, the whooping cough illness cannot be cured naturally,without the help of drugs like antibiotics. And its more wise to detect the disease as early as possible to prevent the occurrence of complications in infants and adults.

Source by Erick Chandra

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